It’s your life!

Today we’re talking training, skills and your safety underwater!

The northern Musandam can be a challenging area to dive and you’re likely to be faced with currents on a dive here. Drift diving can be an awesome experience but it’s important to choose the right guide, who knows the area well.

Our guides are clowns on the surface but they work in this industry because of their passion for what happens under the surface. They’re the ultimate professionals underwater and they take their responsibility seriously. Their first priority is your safety, followed by your enjoyment of the dive. They’ve been working in the Musandam for years and they’ve taken the time to get to know it like an old friend. The more knowledgeable your guide is about the conditions, currents, risks and environment; the safer and more likely you are to enjoy yourself. Choose your dive guides carefully folks, you’re quite literally making a decision that your life could depend on.



We’re taking big strides and making changes here at Sheesa, and many of them are within our dive centre. We plan to be registered as a PADI 5-star dive centre by the end of the year and we’re working towards becoming a complete Instructor Development Centre; providing the full spectrum of training from beginners to the advanced.



We pride ourselves on raising the bar in the realm of training, providing only the best to our students. As part of this we’ll soon be releasing a series of YouTube videos, highlighting our training methods and showcasing why Sheesa is different to the run-of-the-mill. Subscribe to our YouTube channel here to be notified when these videos are released.  



Our dive centre staff spend their lives working with students and as a result we can’t help but notice the differences in how courses are run and training is done. It seems that many trainers in the industry are gearing their courses towards quantity, rather than quality. Courses are being set-up to ensure that people pass in the quickest, most efficient timeframe and this concerns us. Diving is a serious endeavor, and we believe it can’t be entered into lightly. On a dive you’re not always going to be faced with optimal conditions and you need to possess the skills to keep yourself safe. At Sheesa your certification won’t be the easiest option, it’ll be the most thorough one possible. By earning your certification at training time, you’ll be a safer, more confident diver at dive time. Once again your life depends on the way and place you to choose to train; is this the time to choose the quick, easy or cheap option?


The same can be said for your skill-set once you’re qualified. It’s vitally important to maintain your skills and avoid becoming rusty. If you’ve been out of the water for awhile, do yourself a favour and complete a refresher course before heading out for a dive. We often find divers on our dhows who are in need of some instruction due to time away from diving, which can become challenging when it’s one diver in a group.

Take the time to continually work on your skill-set, you’ll feel more comfortable going into the water and your dive buddies will thank you for it.


On a final note and away from training; a question that we get confronted with stacks is the process of coming through the checkpoint, and divers apprehension towards it. The diving here is so great because the Musandam has remained unspoiled and uncrowded. This is partially due to the checkpoint!

Nowhere in the world will you be presented with the opportunity to dive in or enter another country with such ease. We have dedicated staff here to process all of the paperwork for you, making your crossing a breeze. This side of the border really does offer some of the best diving in the world and the checkpoint allows it to stay that way. If you’re tired of diving the same sites in the UAE give us a shout, you’ll never look back once you’ve dived the Musandam.


Take care All, we hope to see you soon!


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