Jaddy Boy

Jad is a keen diver, a Sheesa local, a good kid and he wanted to experience what working in the Dive industry entails. We therefore invited him here for a week to show him the ropes, put him through the paces and hopefully teach him a thing or two.


Jad stayed in the ‘saffer’ Sheesa staff house with Neil, Cecil and Shayne during his time here. We exposed him to some decent food, plenty of South African lingo and what life is like living in Dibba.


We decided that while Jad needed to be exposed to the usual cogs in the dive centre operation, he would also benefit from learning some general life skills. This originates from the Sheesa way of training; we value thorough, rounded education over quick ‘checklist’ training.

He’d also be setting out to complete his Junior Rescue Diver certification in his time here.
We made a point to include him as one of the boys and he was expected to pull his own weight from the outset.  

Both Neil and Cecil come from a military background and believe in the wisdom of making your bed in the morning, so Jad’s morning started the same way everyday. We were then out of the house and on the way to work at 7:45am sharp. Jad was expected to have his duties sorted and himself ready by this time.

Once at the office Jad was on coffee duty, providing the team with the early morning brew before starting off with his days activities. Days consisted of dive centre operations combined with classroom time and water skill drills. He maintained a great attitude throughout the week, soaking in the lessons and contributing where he could.

On the training front Jad worked with Cecil toward the completion of his Junior Rescue Diver certification; with Neil, Kenji and Shayne trying to make realistic victims. He slogged through the classroom sessions to achieve fantastic results on his theoretical exams and bossed his way through the practical sessions to finish his certification strong. We don’t make the advanced certifications easy here at Sheesa, and Jad earned his certificate. We’re very chuffed for the youngster, and we’re proud of the way he carried himself this week.


Well done Lad!


Fiona the chocolates went down a treat. The staff say thank you!


PS: If you wondered why Jad had to make his bed every morning, watch this video!


‘Til next time!


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