Social Media in a Swimming Pool

We have decided to shelve the humorous articles (well not much light hearted entertainment has occurred recently) and concentrate on what we call “the swimming sheep effect”. I`m sure like the crew here if you are an avid social media follower and follow all the scuba diving pages out there, then you will no doubt…


The Human Factor

Allowing candidate divers to fail is important to their continued growth.

DM`s, Mola-Mola and Seahorse.

The water temperature has dropped faster than expected. Well, we were caught literally with our pants down due to diving in board shorts and rash vests one week and having to break out the 5.5mm wetsuits the week after. There is a plus to this however as it does bring a prehistoric species back. L-R:…


Winter is Coming #notthegot

Indeed we took the title of the blog from a well-known series! The days are mild out in the Musandam and the water temperature is the same as bath water.   October greeted us the same as getting into the ring with Chuck Norris and yelling obscenities about his mother – a great big smack…


You v’s Us

This issue will be very different to the humour and tongue-in-cheek approach we are known for. Simple reason is to try and find another topic as the weather did us in over March and very few trips made it out. The topic this issue is you v’s us. Who do we target as customers and who…


Celebrations and Explorations

With the usual mob on board we expected the demands for top world class diving to be fast and furious.  And they were!  As one by one, two by two they cleared the border post, clarifications as to the plan for the weekend started before we had even left the office, never mind the dhow…